Pharma Niche Products srl (PNP) is an Italian Trading Company wich was born as an implementation of an idea of collaboration between Mr. Cesare Caroli and Mr. Carlo Minganti.

Both of whom shared a close friendship and considerable experience in the field of natural Active Principle Ingredients (APls) with specific reference to Heparin and byproducts of Heparin like Heparinoids.

PNP was conceived as a brand to define the operative sector of the Company. It continues today to maintain a rigorous framework that includes food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics, above all of natural origin, in addition to its traditional involvement in the market of Heparin and derivates.

The turnover of PNP increased from 1.5 mio Euros in 2016 to 5.4 mio Euros in 2017 and reached 9 mio Euros in 2018 .. The forecast is to exceed 10 mio Euros in 2019.

The reasons for this successful trend are quite easy to identify: professionalism, seriousness and full reliability. Last but not least, the evidence of the above mentioned statement, is given by the high percentage of turnover which arises from sales to major Japanese Pharma Companies well known all over the world for their very demanding and scrupulous attitude.

Our main intention is to enhance the development of PNP never forgetting the principles that have led us growth and success.

Professionalism, Seriousness, Reliability


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